Lavender 'avonview'

Member Offers | Feb 16 | Lavender ‘Avonview’

James Pethybridge Evergreen Shrub, Featured this Month

Lavender ‘Avonview’
40% OFF this month (100mm Jiffy)

This strong growing but compact form of ‘Italian lavender’ was breed for its masses of striking deep, lavender purple flower heads. With a light prune it will keep producing long lasting flowers nearly all year round except during winter when it can do with a heavy prune back into shape. Makes the perfect sun loving pot or garden specimen, or clips well, into a low bushy flowering border hedge.

  • Sun Lover

    A Mediterranean marvel, classic Italian Lavender’ just soaks up the sun, drought tolerant too!

  • Cottage Gardens

    A great addition to the cottage garden with fragrant flowers and silver foliage makes a great backdrop to flowering perennials.

  • Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

    Featured in our gardens, the ‘Moroccan Daisy’ as it’s also know by is a real gem, flowering in winter through to early autumn.