Jekyllesque Border

Jekyllesque Border

An Introduction

The Garden – Jekyllesque Border
Our Jekyllesque Border is inspired by Gertude Jekyll, Jekyll was one England’s most influential Landscape gardeners and designers during the Arts and Craft movement in Engand  during the late 19th Centuty and earlier 20th century,

She was renowned for her use of “Hardy Flower Borders” often framed by formal heding to give one the true visual impact of colour and show, we have used the classic Ligustrum vulgare (Common Privet) as a formal hedging back drop, the planting set features a row of 16 Acer rubrum ‘Scanlon’, a red maple cultivar that has a narrow upright habit.
Rhododendron hybrids also predominantly feature in this border and they are interplanted with a range of colour matched perennials and annuals to achieve a level of colour saturation for the visual show.

Ligustrum vulgare


Privet is a great planting choice for hedging & topiary is is favoured by some of Australia’s top Landscape designers for it’s consistancy of form, lustrous dark green foliage and quick growth


  • Dense foliage
  • Quick Growing
  • Evergreen



We have many colours, shapes & forms the much loved Rhododendron, our gardens at Blackwood Ridge feature them in abundance and they herald the start of spring in our garden.


  • Sensational Blooms
  • Spring feature
  • Evergreen

Birch ‘Royal Frost’


Beautiful purple foliaged silver birch with a weeping habit with age, great contrast of foliage and bark. Like all birch looks sensational when planted in groups of three or more.


  • Winter bark feature
  • Purple foliage
  • Weeping habit

You can aspire to beauty.

‘Scanlon’ Maple

Used a a central feature in the Jekyllesque Border our Red Maple (acer rubrum) cultivar Scanlon, This American beauty is worth growing with compact upright growth ‘Scanlon’ has deep green summer foliage and like all the Red Maple cultivars puts on a show in autumn, ours tend to colour in tones of orange and yellow.

Acer rubrum 'Scanlon'


We have selected a range of feature shrubs for their colour, foliage and form to complement and enhance of garden design.

• Rhododendron ‘Atroflo’ • Rhododendron ‘Bronze Wing’ • Rhododendron ‘Captain Jack • Rhododendron ‘Colonel Coen ’ • Rhododendron ‘Fine Features’ • Rhododendron ‘Sammelglut’ • Rhododendron ‘Seat’ • Rhododendron ‘Winsome’ • Rhododendron ‘Volcano’


We have selected a range of feature perennials for their colour, foliage and form to complement and enhance of garden design.

• Agastache ‘Summer Fiesta’ • Erigeron ‘Sea Breeze’ • Calibrachoa ‘Yellow Chimes’ • Halimmiocistus ‘Merrist Wood Cream’ • Penstemon serrulutus • Rhodoathemum ‘African Eyes’ • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ • Teucrium Marum