Kitchen Garden

An Introduction

The Garden
The Kitchen garden wraps around our Restaurant and outdoor dining space, designed to supply fresh ingredients for the restaurant from the garden, and let the customers see just where and how those ingredients are grown.

The design aspects.
One half of the garden we have used a classic parterre design featuring ‘Ballerina Apples’, bordered by vegetable garden beds a herb wall and rosemary hedge. the other half has been divided into vegetable beds and beds for climbers, the whole garden is bordered by espaliered heritage apples.

Helianthus angustifolius


An herbaceous sunflower that grows to about 2m in our garden every season and every year without fail puts on a spectacular flowering display from late summer well into autumn lighting up the garden.


  • Perennial hedge
  • Quick Growing
  • Autumn Flowers

Bay Tree


Looking more like and English box (buxus) that a Holly (ilex) this Japanese plant is a great fastigate shrub that lends itself to the narrowest of situations, looks great in pots and is a real feature mass planted.


  • Upright growth
  • Quick growing
  • Great for pots

Lobelia ‘Queen Victoria’


This beautiful purple foliaged perennial Lobelia was named after ‘Queen Victoria’ and like it’s namesake this Lobelia demands your attention with it’s bold upright form and masses of royal red blooms that sit above the deep purple stems, ‘Queen Victoria’ makes a great centre point feature in the garden and benefits from summer watering during dry spells


  • Purple foliage
  • Royal red flowers
  • Great for damp spots

You can aspire to beauty.

‘Tuscan Blue’ Rosemary

If your looking for a edible hedge Rosemary ‘Tuscan Blue’ it is a great choice with the upright compact growth, mauve flowers in winter and spring, quick growth that responds well to pruning and the ability to have a formal hedge in three years then this is you plant! Also as an added bonus it’s a great culinary rosemary and is extremely drought hardy.



We have selected a range of feature herbs for their colour, foliage and flavour to complement and enhance of garden design.

• Berberis ‘Rose Glow’ • Berberis ‘Little Favourite’ • Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ • Caryoteris ‘Lisura’ • Euonymus ‘Tom Thumb’ • Fothergilla ‘Mt Airy’ • Leucadendron ‘Red Devil’ • Ilex ‘Blue Prince’


We have collected a range of heritage apples for their fruit, and vigour, all our apples are grafted by us on MM102 rootstock.

• Malus ‘Aromatic Russet’ • Malus ‘Autumn Tart’ • Malus ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ • Malus ‘Twenty Ounce’ • Malus ‘Merton Worchester’ • Malus ‘Vista Bella • Malus ‘Summer Strawberry’ • Malus ‘Blenhiem Orange’