Medici Garden

An Introduction

The Garden

The Garden

The Garden
Our small version of Italy’s renowned Medici gardens.
Our Clematis pergola with reclaimed Edna Wallling pavers is the centre piece of the garden, the garden is formal in style with two opposing parterres to add to the symmetry this is complimented by a Wisteria arbor that completes the garden design.
Plant Palette
The Medici garden features a variety of plants that are often used in classic Italian gardens.

Clematis Pergola
Pergola Pillars
• Clematis ‘Daniel Deronda’
• Clematis ‘Blue Angel’
• Clematis ‘Dominka’

Pergola partarre
There are 4 ‘L’ shaped gardens surrounding the Clematis pergola they all feature
• Salvia nemerosa ‘Cardonna’
• Salvia nemerosa ‘Amethyst’
• Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Fastigata’
• Thuja plicata ‘Smargd’
With Buxus sempervirens ‘Graham Blandy’ as a low hedge.

Two opposing partarres feature
• Rimu as the centre pieces
• Parterres feature Salvia ‘La Luna & Salvia ‘Crimson Blaze’
• Hedging is buxus sempervirens.

Wisteria arbor
• Wisteria ‘Royal Purple’
• With a hedge of Taxus baccata

This garden is best viewed from the cafe deck to appreciated the design and it’s beauty.

Maple ‘Crimson Sentry’


Jacquemontii Birch features on the the whitest of trunks for a Birch (betula), this species is quick growing like all Birch and has slightly larger leaves than most Birch, looks impressive when planted in a copse.


  • Intense white bark
  • Quick Growing
  • Winter feature

Maple ‘Herbsfeuer’


Looking more like and English box (buxus) that a Holly (ilex) this Japanese plant is a great fastigate shrub that lends itself to the narrowest of situations, looks great in pots and is a real feature mass planted.


  • Upright growth
  • Quick growing
  • Great for pots

Wisteria ‘Royal Purple’


A much loved cultivar of Japanese Maple (acer palmatum ‘sango kaku’) this fine vase shaped maple is renowned for it’s striking coral pink bark in winter which is accentuated by frosts in winter, spring foliage also adds interest with vibrant lime green foliage.


  • Winter bark feature
  • Golden autumn colour
  • Lime foliage in spring

You can aspire to beauty.

The Parterre

This is one .



We have selected a range of feature shrubs for their colour, foliage and form to complement and enhance of garden design.

• Berberis ‘Rose Glow’ • Berberis ‘Little Favourite’ • Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ • Caryoteris ‘Lisura’ • Euonymus ‘Tom Thumb’ • Fothergilla ‘Mt Airy’ • Leucadendron ‘Red Devil’ • Ilex ‘Blue Prince’


We have selected a range of feature perennials for their colour, foliage and form to complement and enhance of garden design.

• Agastache ‘Summer Fiesta’ • Erigeron ‘Sea Breeze’ • Calibrachoa ‘Yellow Chimes’ • Halimmiocistus ‘Merrist Wood Cream’ • Penstemon serrulutus • Rhodoathemum ‘African Eyes’ • Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ • Teucrium Marum