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All azaleas are rhododendrons but not all rhododendrons are azaleas. Azaleas have been reclassified and are now in the genus Rhododendron. There are no clear cut lines for distinguishing all azaleas from all rhododendrons but here are a few characteristics to look for. True rhododendrons have 10 or more stamens which is 2 per lobe. Azaleas usually have 5 stamens or 1 per lobe. Azaleas have 5 lobes in a flower. Azaleas tend to have appressed hairs which is hair parallel to the surface of the leaf. This is particularly true along the midrib on the underside of the leaf. It is easily seen in "evergreen" azaleas. True rhododendrons instead of hair are often scaly or have small dots on the under side of the leaf. Azalea leaves are never dotted with scales and are frequently pubescent. Many azaleas are deciduous. True rhodies are usually evergreen with the exceptions of R. mucronulatum and R. dauricum. Azaleas have tubular funnel or funnel shaped flowers. Rhody flowers tend to be bell-shaped.
Rhododendrons look best when planted in large beds with other rhododendrons, azaleas and suitable companion plants. A backdrop of evergreens in the distance will provide shelter and a compatible setting. Companion plants include: Trees: Oaks, Magnolias, Japanese Maples, Styrax, Stewartias, Birch and Dogwoods. Evergreens: Pines, Dwarf Conifers, all Broadleaf Evergreens. Perennials: Hostas, Heucheras, Woodland plants, and many more that appreciate similar conditions.
This is a characteristic used to separate the genus rhododendron into two major groups. Elepidotes are large leaved rhododendrons. They are the type of shrub that most individuals would associate as being a rhododendron. They do not have scales located on the underside of the leaves. Plants tend to be very large in their maturity. Lepidote rhododendron have smaller leaves and are usually low growing or dwarfs. They usually bloom earlier in the spring than the larger leaved elepidotes. Tiny scales cover the undersides of the leaves of some rhododendron species.

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