Flowers borders...Always rewarding Perennials.

The Basics as simply as 1, 2, 3…

1. Perennials You may occasionally see a rhododendron that will survive without being watered, but it does so only under protest.

2. Most Perennials must never sit in stagnant water. Roots submerged in poorly oxygenated water will likely die, though a plant may survive through better drained surface roots..

3. Perennials can be grown in acwide variety of soils as well as the soil is coarse enough for the roots to have access to needed oxygen.

Understand and provide these three conditions and you will succeed wherever you live. These requirements aren’t difficult to provide once you understand perennials’ needs relative to your specific soil and climatic conditions.

So, you ask ?
“How can I provide these 3 basic needs?”

Where can I plant ?
Site, Soil, Planting guidelines….

How do I look after my Rhodo ?
Mulching, Watering, Pruning….

Problems most often encountered?