Rhodanthemum hosmariense

Rhodanthemum hosmariense

Rhodanthemum hosmariense

Rhodanthemum hosmariense is an astonishingly resilient woody-based, spreading perennial or sub-shrub is from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco It’s just as happy in the freezing snow to full-on intense summer heat, and it seems to flower continuously all year round in our nursery gardens. It features silvery leaves divided into narrow segments, and solitary yellow-centred white daisies held just above the foliage.
Rhodanthemum hosmariense is highly recommended for a sunny, well drained position, either mixed in with other perennials and shrubs or mass planted along a wall or rockery.

  • Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

    Featured in our gardens, the ‘Moroccan Daisy’ as it’s also know by is a real gem, flowering in winter through to early autumn.

  • Sun Lover

    A Mediterranean marvel, with it’s silver foliage & big ‘daisy’ like flower, this perennial just soaks up the sun, drought tolerant too!

  • Great for No Water Garden

    A lot of plants are drought hardy but this beauty in drought TOUGH plant now for no need to summer water.


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