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Here at Blackwood Ridge we pride ourselves on producing the products right here on the farm with the lowest possible embodied energy.

We are completely off-grid, so we only use renewable solar power electricity for the everyday running of the nursery and restaurant.

We start all of our plants from propagation, sourcing cutting material or seeds from our gardens were we then grow them on ready for sale, so therefore only travelling a few metres from the growing-on nursery at the bottom of the farm, to the retail nursery at the front.
We use ‘Teku’ Pots made from recycled plastic, which can go straight back into your recycling bin once you have planted your plants in your garden.

The restaurant dishes are prepared from scratch, most often using our own seasonal home grown produce from the kitchen garden, or locally sourced produce as much as possible.

We are committed to producing a low embodied energy product and we are always looking at ways to reduce energy use and recycling within the confines of the farm. We believe the energy we are saving every day in the running of Blackwood Ridge will help to reduce our footprint on the earth and the cost savings can be passed onto you, the customer.