Aspire Garden

Aspire Garden

An Introduction

The Aspire Garden
Our signature garden is the centre piece of Blackwood Ridge, it has been designed around the ornamental pond which is noteworthy fot the rusted corten steel edging, furthermore borders are accentuated by the lawn pathways, this feature if offset by a patterned garden design, with accent feature trees and shrubs.

Beyond the patterned garden is a hedge planting of ‘Blue Prince Holly’ which curves around the lawn and frames the mass planting of Jacquemontii birches.

The Aspire Garden is best viewed from the cafe deck to appreciated the design and it’s beauty.

Featured Plants in the Aspire Garden

White Himalayan Birch


Jacquemontii Birch features on the the whitest of trunks for a Birch (betula). The species is quick growing like all Birches, it also has slightly larger leaves than most Birch, looks impressive when planted in a copse.


  • Intense white bark
  • Quick Growing
  • Winter feature

Sky Pencil Holly


Looking more like and English box (buxus) that a Holly (ilex) this Japanese plant is a great fastigate shrub that lends itself to the narrowest of situations, looks great in pots and is a real feature mass planted.


  • Upright growth
  • Quick growing
  • Great for pots

Coral Bark Maples


This much loved cultivar of Japanese Maple is renewed for its’s fine vase shape and striking coral pink bark in winter.
Spring foliage also adds interest with vibrant lime green foliage.


  • Winter bark feature
  • Golden autumn colour
  • Lime foliage in spring

You can aspire to beauty.

‘Slender Silhouette’ Liquidambar

One of the new standout introductions of Liquidambar from the USA.
This form is prized for it’s narrow ‘pencil’ habit which we have taken advantage of to create a pillar like effect in the Asprie garden.



We have selected a range of feature shrubs for their colour, foliage and form to complement and enhance of garden design.

• Berberis ‘Rose Glow’ • Berberis ‘Little Favourite’ • Cotinus ‘Royal Purple’ • Caryoteris ‘Lisura’ • Euonymus ‘Tom Thumb’ • Fothergilla ‘Mt Airy’ • Leucadendron ‘Red Devil’ • Ilex ‘Blue Prince’


We have selected a range of feature perennials for their colour, foliage and form to complement and enhance of garden design.

• Penstemon ‘Strictas’ • Phyeglius ‘Moondance’ • Phygelius ‘Cherry Ripe’ • Calibrachoa ‘Purple Glow’ • Helianthemum ‘Rose’ • Rhodanthemum Hosimriensis • Thymus ‘Magic Carpet’ • Lobeia ‘Vedrariensis’