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Whether you are thinking about a new garden or garden makeover, ‘Blackwood Ridge Landscape Design’ offers a range of garden planning and design options to suit your requirements. We cater to private and commercial clients including landscape plans for town planning approval.


“This stage informs and inspires the beginning of your vision”

Garden consultation involves a site visit where we listen to your ideas and design objectives to guide and inform the garden style and layout.

During the site visit we will highlight design opportunities and identify any obvious problem areas and discuss solutions. We will take notes for future reference and discuss budgets and potential garden design ideas.

Following the consultation we will forward our fee proposal for landscape design.

Garden Consultations range from $350 - $550


“This is the creative stage where we merge your vision with our ideas”

The concept masterplan illustrates all the main elements of the landscape including outdoor living and entertaining spaces, paving and decking, features and focal points and an indicative location of any feature plants and trees.

Changes can be made to the concept masterplan at this stage prior to the final detailed landscape plans and planting schematic drawings.

DETAILED LANDSCAPE PLANS (Construction Drawings)

“This is the stage where we combine creativity with our technical expertise”

Once the landscape concept master plan has been decided on, final detailed plans are produced which are used for the construction of the garden, either by a landscape contractor or by the homeowner or a combination of both. Whichever route is chosen a successful outcome can be achieved with detailed landscape construction drawings. This also allows the garden construction to dovetail into other building works and services. Detailed landscape plans will include dimensioned set-out plans, sections and elevations, construction details, material selections, drainage, garden lighting and any other relevant hardscape elements.


“Plants should both delight and enhance now and into the future”

Our years of horticultural experience guides us in selecting the right plants to suit the style of your new landscape and the prevailing climactic and environmental conditions of the site.

Planting plans will show the location of plants and a detailed list of nominated species.

Plant sourcing, delivery and placement can be organised by us either for the client or the landscape contractor to plant.


If your landscape project requires town planning approval we can package your landscape concept plan to meet the requirements for approval by the relevant local council prior to finalising the landscape plans and construction details.